Security Cameras For The Home: A Personal Struggle

We've always had some form of web camera in our home for the past 5 years. Originally he had a somewhat dubious Foscam pan and tilt Wifi camera for the nursery. After messing with this camera for several months we decided it was not up to the task an moved on. And if you're happen to be considering or looking at Foscam, I suggest you read Brian Krebs' article on how their P2P function works (or worked, it's been fixed if you update the firmware...but still).

At around the same time we purchased a D-Link DCS-7010L to watch the front door as we seemed to get a lot of solicitors coming to our door and we really wanted to know if it was worth the trouble to answer or just ignore. There was also the added security benefit that went along with that. After some time we thought it might be a good idea to record anything captured by this camera, in the event we had a break-in or some other unsavory activity was witnessed around our home.

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