What's the deal?

This started out as a placeholder for "who know's what". After agonizing for a few months about what to do with this site, I had an idea. What if  we created a list of projects that needed to get done around the house and then put that list online for the world to see. Then, every week we'll pick a project to do and report on the progress and maybe chronicle the process of doing said project.

Part of this is a way to generate some motivation, and part of it is a way to make sure we stay on task. While the goal is one project per week, I hope to get a few "bonus projects" in when there's extra time. Who doesn't have extra time, right?

Join us, for better or worse, as we try to get all those little things done that just seem to sit around and stare at us daily, watching, judging... :)

- Bill, Hester, and Penelope


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